And this was AFTER the binmen visited!

rubbishBS''Rosedale Rd in Ecclesall S11 8PG area, after a visit by Veolia binmen
rubbishBS''Rosedale Rd in Ecclesall S11 8PG area, after a visit by Veolia binmen
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THIS was the scene on a Sheffield street after a visit by binmen.

While many of the bins on Rosedale Road, off Ecclesall Road, Sharrow Vale, had been emptied, the waste collection team left the street littered with dozens of black bags and cardboard boxes.

And the empty bins were left strewn across the pavement, a hazard for anyone trying to make their way along the road.

Furious resident Chris Lawrance said: “These pictures were take after they had completed their work, not before they started. What kind of a briefing do they get to allow them to leave an area in this condition?

“I know that they do not remove anything that is not in a bin, but common sense should prevail. Who is going to clear up the mess the clearers leave? How can pedestrians walk on a path strewn with bins? What about the blind residents?”

Veolia Environmental Services, Sheffield Council’s waste collection contractor, blamed the sorry sight on students dumping rubbish as they left for the holidays.

A Veolia spokeswoman said the rubbish was eventually tidied up by council workers. “At the end of June, a large amount of waste is generated when students move out of the rented properties they occupy during term time.

“We provide extra waste collections through the student red sacks scheme which allows students to dispose of any extra waste that won’t fit into the black bins or blue bins and boxes for recycling.

“The waste shown in these pictures is not red sack waste and was therefore referred to the council’s environmental enforcement section for investigation as fly-tipping. It was cleared by the council’s street force section who provide extra resources during the student clear out period.

“Whilst it is understandable residents have concerns about the waste being left in the streets, Veolia and the council work closely together during this busy period to ensure that the streets are clean and tidy as soon as is possible.”