"An utterly pointless, money-guzzling, chaos-causing, havoc-raising white elephant " Your angry views as Sheffield HS2 route is revealed

HS2 will travel through the Dearne Valley.
HS2 will travel through the Dearne Valley.
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"A waste of money," "a white elephant" and an "environmental disaster" - just some of the accusations levelled at HS2 following the announcement that the high-speed rail link will see homes demolished and Sheffield getting a branch line from the main route.

The Government confirmed yesterday the route between London and the north will feature a spur through Sheffield city centre, with the main line cutting through the Dearne Valley.

But the announcement has been met with anger by readers who have blasted the proposals, condemning it as a waste of time and money.

Writing on Facebook, John-Robert Haith posted: "I think most people agree that HS2 is a complete waste of time and money" and Richard Tattersall agreed, writing "money needs investing in our NHS."

Brian Gleadless added: "The train service we have now is OK. I cannot understand why we need to build HS2. Its a waste of money!"

Gaye Noble-Wootton wrote: "We don't need it we don't want it!!!" and Rachel Spuggy Sharp added: " It's an absolute disgrace!! A mess from start to finish. Demolishing people's homes for the sake of about 3 minutes. The service doesn't even benefit the area. Complete waste of time and money."

Writing on Facebook, Davey Cammack said: "It's going to reduce travel by as much as 30 minutes tops in the longest of trips and only by 10-15 minutes for the shorter trips. Billions for the sake of 30 minutes. Tell you what, invest that into public services and I'll live with the normal travel time!"

Daniel Frank Worthington said: "I honestly don't see how it will bring more money to Sheffield," while Julie Smith added: It's for the rich Londoners to live up here and get to work on time."

Martin Keyworth posted: "S**** . It will be outdated before it's up and running - technology will change flatly before this is completed. Sheffield having a spur offers the city NOTHING and the chances are when the project is over running in cost the spurs will go. It's not a victory for Sheffield - far from it."

Jan Woning wrote:"HS2 will be a financial and environmental disaster. I's cost will spiral to 200 billion, and train tickets will be unaffordable."

Mark Utting said: "It is already a white elephant and now the few benefits it could have brought to South Yorkshire aren't being made the most of."

Julie Smith wrote: "They will have run out of money before they get near Birmingham, let alone anywhere near us" while Natalie Faye said the plan was "a disgrace" adding "let's hope they run out of money and don't build it all all."

Ellie Wilson was equally critical and wrote: "Believe it when I see it! Utterly pointless, money-guzzling, chaos-causing, havoc-raising white elephant which will benefit only the few. I could understand it a bit better if the route timings were a bit more impressive but they aren't at all. Pitchforks at the ready, folks !!!!!"

Trevor Nowell posted: "HS2 is an utter folly ! Why would saving 10 minutes off a journey time benefit anyone at the cost of £billions?"

Sally Parker said the rail route was "a waste of money" while Pete Simons described it as "a stupendous waste."

Only a handful of readers seemed to back the plan, with Martin Moore writing: "It does look expensive, but to me the plus points are first the extra capacity, which is more important than the speed; and second the fact that massive civil engineering projects like this boost the overall economy."

Paul Scott added: "This is great news for a change."