An open letter to the Liverpool Echo... by Jeremy Clifford, The Star editor

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As the Editor of The Star newspaper I have taken time to reflect on our coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy 23 years ago in the light of the new revelations about the scale of the cover-up and misinformation fed to our news organisation by South Yorkshire Police.

As well as the Whites news agency story quoted in the Hillsborough Inquiry Panel’s report, we too were given information by the police making allegations about the conduct of Liverpool fans at the semi-final.

The Star published some of those claims in good faith, believing them to be correct.

It was made clear last week in the report that those allegations were without foundation.

We have made that clear in our coverage in The Star last week.

But I would like the people of Liverpool to know that we are sorry we published some of those discredited allegations at the time.

We should also point out we have worked very closely and still do with the Hillsborough Disaster Family Group who respect what we have done over the years in identifying those police commanders responsible for making those fateful decision at the time.

We will continue to pursue, in a forceful way, the findings of the new Hillsborough inquiry and to ensure that justice is seen to be carried out on behalf of the people of Sheffield and Liverpool.

Jeremy Clifford, The Star editor.