An Olympian amount of yawn

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A QUESTION: Am I the only one who’s already bored of the constant carping about the Olympics?

Fair play it’s a big deal (not least for Sheffield lad Seb) but, with the games still 14 months away, do we really need to hear each week about some new launch or controversy.

The latest thing is the so-called ticket scandal.

Apparently, in a country of more than 60 million people, not all of us can go to an event. And, as if that’s not gosh-darn-outrageous enough, it seems the sponsors - those who contribute a sixth of the cost of the spectacle - are being given a few complimentary tickets.

But hang on. How is that a scandal? That’s common sense. That’s how it was always going to be.

I like my sport as much as the next bloke but, frankly, I’ll be glad when the games are gone.

n NICE to hear of a former reporter on The Star reminiscing about his time on the newspaper.

Oliver Wright told journalism students at Sheffield Hallam University his first day consisted of being ordered by a roaring news editor to “get your tie off posh lad - you’re going to Arbourthorne and the only thing they use ties for there is stringing people like you up”.

Oliver now?

He’s Whitehall editor at The Independent.

n AND finally a moment of respect, if you will, for the legend that was Roy Skelton.

He’s the bloke who for nearly 20 years was the voice of Zippy and George in Rainbow, and as such, soundtracked more great TV than you could shake a Bungle-coloured stick at.

He passed away last week.

A pleasure to have had you as part of our lives, sir.