An extra 10mph can’t hurt... can it?

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Be honest now; when do you ever drive at 70mph on the motorway?

It no longer seems fast, 70mph. Not unless you’re my friend’s mum, who keeps getting stopped for driving too slowly.

The legal speed limit is about as unpopular and old-fashioned as those little leather driving gloves with holes in the back.

If only we hadn’t sent them to Oxfam; we could all be throwing them in the air with glee now the Government have announced they’re thinking of raising the limit to 80mph.

This plan appeals to the inner Jeremy Clarkson in all of us. It even starts to make you think the Tories have, for once, paid heed to the view of the ordinary man.

The thinking is that if the motorways speed up, Britain speeds up. You can get to work quicker; that lorry delivering essential components can get there faster.

And that it’s OK because cars are so much safer than they were back in 1964 when the limit was set (because some racing driver had pelted up the M1 at 185mph).

But you can have more air bags than Jordan and it’s still a fact that the faster you go, the worse the impact if you crash and the more likely you are to die.

Plus that extra speed will guzzle more fuel and pump more C02 into the atmosphere. And what will happen when it’s legal to drive at 80?

Everyone but my friend’s mum will drive at 90mph, that’s what.