An end to the argument

The GB team enter the Don Valley Stadium in 1991.
The GB team enter the Don Valley Stadium in 1991.
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Repeatedly, in the Star, Councillor Peter Price has stated that the World Student Games and associated facilities were paid for in full many years ago leaving no debt.

Several people, including me, have argued against this in these letters pages, saying the debt is still being paid off.

Then, in his interview on March 20, Coun Price says that the debt would have been paid off but the money was used to “support revenue” instead. Surely this admission finally puts an end to this argument.

Paul Heaton

by email

Is this just another lie?

I’m afraid I take with a pinch of salt anything that Councillor Lodge or Amey say.

The Freedom of Information says that 17,000 trees will be chopped down.

I heard the grilling that Coun Lodge had on Radio Sheffield a few weeks ago and my conclusions and those of many other people are we do NOT believe anything that is said by this council any more on the subject of trees.

I’m no engineer but I asked this question to which Coun Lodge might want to answer.

Take Sheldon Road in Nether Edge. In the spring of 2017 the tree panel visited Sheldon Road and their conclusions was that at least a dozen trees should be felled.

It also stated that at least four trees were causing the carriageway to crack up but what was the answer from Amey and counci? Let’s resurface the road first in July and start chopping trees down in September.

I would have thought that it should have been the other way round – sort the trees out first before resurfacing the road.

So the question is are the trees really causing the carriageway to crack up?

Andrew Barclay

Raven Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, S7

Come out of your office

I note that Bryan Lodge keeps also saying that he is terribly concerned paths are clear for wheelchairs.

So Bryan, please come and visit Swaledale Road, around number 27 in S7.

For months now both footpaths have been completely blocked, not by tree roots but by Amey.

The trees were removed last year and ever since then both paths have been left dug up with plastic fences blocking them totally.

So if this is all for the benefit of wheelchairs Bryan, get out of your ivory tower and go to see what is actually going on.

Sheffield is now in the national news, even Michael Gove is on the residents’ side.

Gary Speck


Tree poem after arrest

Woman with a kazoo arrested in tree protest on March 21

If you go down near Rivelin Valley woods today you’re in for a big surprise

Apparently if you take your trumpet or blow your horn, you’ll need to be in disguise

And whatever else you might chose to do, never be tempted to blow a kazoo

If you decide to bring your tambourine, you know that it should not be seen

It seems any instrument could be taken away and used as evidence some other day.

The tree campaigners aren’t out of hand. So do the police want to form a band?


Tree supporter

Universal credit

The long-delayed ‘universal credit’ benefits system has arrived in my area. It will be interesting to see if the Ministry of Work and Pensions has got it working properly.

I have read of problems across the country with delays causing people to be penniless. Worse still I have read that disabled claimants have received a poor service with some hostility. If that is true, shame on the government.

Max Nottingham


It’s not a competition

The tree situation rumbles on and on, I personally think killing healthy trees is barbaric but others may not agree.

I had this debate with someone this week.

Why are you bothered about trees being cut down when there are people dying on the streets in this cold weather?

It’s not a competition as to what cause is better. Just because you feel strongly for one cause doesn’t mean you still can’t feel for other causes too. One is not better than the other.

We should feel compassion for many different things, that make us decent human beings.

Tree felling stops, local elections are on the horizon, call me a cynic but are they connected?

Jayne Grayson

by email

Try walking up Fargate

In Sheffield city centre especially around High street and Fargate area you have buses, trams, cars, taxis, beggars, and to top it all you have scaffolding, now there’s not many city centres can boast they have scaffolding poles which in Sheffield seem to be permanent.

Try walking up Fargate when all the stalls are blocking your way, it’s nigh impossible, and don’t even think of sitting in the Peace Gardens, or lack of it. Head for the Moor, it’s more civilised, keep breathing if you can.

EB Warris

by email

Democratic decision

The cheek of the woman, Angela Smith MP says the sacking of front bencher Owen Smith MP is vindictive because he defied Labour Party policy on Brexit, again ignoring what must be a democratic decision taken by the Labour hierarchy.

Just as she, Angela Smith MP, still ignores the democratic decision of 62 per cent of her constituents to leave the EU.

Trust any of these Labour undemocratic ‘hanger-ons’? Never!

I congratulate ‘Jezza’ for showing his undemocratic dissenters who’s boss.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74