An Apprentice pain in the neck

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She’s ruthless... She’s a tiger. She’ll walk all over anyone to get what she wants.”

Sralan had a manic gleam in his eye as he opined on Manipulative Melody, the odious egotist who can only play to her own selfish little tune.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

Only, the bedazzled billionaire meant it as a compliment. Her lying, conniving methods of ensuring she got her own way? All the signs of an Apprentice winner, said Sugar.

O.M.G. Is everything I detest in a person actually essential to a hot-shot business wannabe’s C.V? This is probably why none of my friends are rich and powerful.

The thing that puzzles me about Melody, though, is how her past has shaped her.

She claims to have been born amid war in Iran, and kidnapped and held at gunpoint as a child.

But where is her compassion? The woman shows only the aggressive, ruthless streak of a soldier.

She says she runs a global (doesn’t she just love that word?) youth consultancy business, helping young people to succeed. What does she do? Batter down their doors in the middle of the night and demand they leap to attention?

And by the way, when did they film that clip at St Pancras? The platform was utterly deserted.

There was either a strike on, or commuters had plotted a Melody avoidance route.