Amey van vandalised over Sheffield council's tree felling programme

Amey van
Amey van
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A Sheffield city council van has been vandalised following the controversial tree felling programme.

The white van, part of the fleet carrying out the Streets Ahead programme, carries the slogan 'Making Sheffield Greener'.

However, one resident noticed that someone had vandalised the vehicle by adding the words 'by cutting down trees' after the slogan.

The van had been parked on Campo Lane in Sheffield on Wednesday, July 5, when the vandalism took place.

The graffiti relates to the council's controversial tree felling programme which will see 6,000 of Sheffield 36,000 street trees replaced by the end of the year.

Sheffield Council have issued a £2 billion contract to private firm Amey to improve and maintain the city's roads and footpaths over 25 years.

Amey workers are responsible for the felling of the trees as part of the programme, with the council now threatening legal action against protesters stopping the work.

The council claims the protests are unlawful, and protesters have been given until July 12 to confirm in writing that they will stop preventing Amey workers from felling trees.

If they do not, the authority will seek an injunction against them. Protesters could face damages and even imprisonment if they break an injunction.