Am I too fussy for the home?

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My mum has been in a care home for six years. She has dementia. I have been lucky that I found two new homes for her and the care and conditions have been pretty good.

I had to move her last week as she now needs EMI nursing – she has been falling and her dementia is now advanced.

I visited this home previously and ruled it out mainly due to an oppressive feeling, chipped pots, lumpy pillows and cleanliness, but this was the only bed I could find. There is a new manager and when I revisited, the atmosphere seemed better and cleaner.

I went to visit my mum on Saturday and was there at teatime. I was disgusted at the state of the pots - almost every one was chipped. As I had brought this to the notice of the staff on a previous visit, I thought the issue may have been addressed.

Surely, a basic right is to have decent pots to feed from.It is also a health issue as chipped and cracked pots harbour germs

Is it a case of – they don’t know any better as they have dementia? Or am I too fussy?

LG, S20

Neutral historian

The historical inaccuracies in Judd Newton’s letter on the castle and market (Nov 26) were outrageous. May I suggest a neutral historian places the origins of the castle site before readers in a verifiable chronological order? For fairness’s sake let’s not ask the pro- or anti-castle ruins lobby.

John Brown

Snow wardens

Once again another Lib Dem councillor deliberately misrepresents the facts and demonstrates a clear lack of integrity.

This time it’s Coun Ian Auckland who implies that the numbers of snow wardens has been reduced by 25% ‘thanks to Labour’, rather than acknowledge that it’s individuals who have not yet responded to a letter asking if they wish to continue in the scheme.

He throws in a scurrilous reference to a ‘council officer conference which includes dinner and a disco’ when he knows this was a conference for, and organised by, primary heads, paid for by schools and not from council budgets. When the council faces tough decisions following severe cuts, it is unhelpful for him to mislead the public.

Coun Bryan Lodge