Allowance is for fuel

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IF pensioners used their Winter Fuel Allowance for heating bills and not save it for other things they could keep warm.

I am on pension and struggle with bills and it would be easy to spend my allowance on other things but I use it for its intended purpose.

If pensioners complain that they can’t put their heating on, ask what they did with the Winter Fuel Allowance.

Anne Merrill, S8

Searching for scrap

A skip was delivered to a house opposite on Friday morning. Within two hours the first white flat-back truck appeared. Since then, each morning between 5am and 6.30am, there has been a succession of trucks coming to search the skip.

It’s bad enough when these people are going up and down the road all day long and even on to your property looking for scrap, but 5am is a bit much.

I tried ringing the 101 number, but no-one answered.

Name and address supplied

Cut ex-pats allowance

with all the cutbacks why hasn’t winter fuel allowance been the first thing to be stopped for ex-pats sweating abroad?

It was supposed to be paid to heat the homes of the elderly in Britain, not maintain the air conditioning in hot countries like Spain. It’s a disgrace.

Jessica Morris, Gleadless

Stop your moaning

vince Cable says he sympathises with protesters outside St Paul’s Cathedral. They should have been born in the 30s and 40s, then they would know how people suffered. Stop moaning.

Jack Tompkins, Scampton Lodge, S5