Allocation of school places

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James Mitchinson’s ambitions for the Star (The Star Says, April 27) are entirely laudable, particularly his wish to see it “makes those in authority uneasy”. Unfortunately, the front page story of the same edition rather undermines this aim.

Sam Jackson’s piece is posited on the fact that the mother involved understood that her child’s school, Broomhill Infants, is a feeder school for Lydgate Juniors. However, only a few paragraphs into the piece we are told that Sheffield Council says it has “never been a feeder school” for Lydgate Juniors.

I surely can’t be the only person who finds it difficult to believe that the mother never bothered to ask which schools pupils from Broomhill Infants went on to.

Also, the fact that she only nominated one school, rather than the suggested three, suggests to me that she was trying to dictate to the council which school her daughter should attend. As an employee of the council she has less excuse than most for this blatant attempt to exploit the system.

There have, no doubt, been anomalies and, even, injustices in the allocation of school places but, typically, the Star has chosen to get indignant about a case which hardly merits the coverage it has been given.

Paul Kenny