All under control, except my trousers

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SOMETIMES I am so tired I can barely remember my name. I put this down to having three small children and a hectic job.

The other day I found myself throwing my trousers in the waste paper basket and my rubbish in the linen basket. It took me a good few seconds to realise what I had done and quickly resurrected the situation. Had I not, I feel sure my favourite jeans would now be shredded on some landfill somewhere.

The other half would have just thought I was starting my long-overdue (in his opinion) clear-out of my wardrobe, so had I not spotted the error I would have been cursing myself forever. As it was I found it all hugely amusing and couldn’t stop laughing all the way through breakfast – long after the others found my joke funny.

It reminded me of the time when my mother put her handbag outside the front door last thing one night and only realised what she had done when she looked down at her hand as she was heading to bed and could not understand why she was carrying the old milk bottles up the stairs. She would have had trouble explaining that one to the police had the handbag been stolen. It would only have been a short time later that the men in white coats turned up I am sure!

After I suitably chastised myself for being so stupid, re the trousers incident, I started feeling sorry for myself. Clearly I was overworked and that was why I was starting to lose the plot.

In the last few weeks I think the other half and I have had about five hours full sleep between us. With the cold weather the kids have taken to creeping into bed with us in the dead of night as it is warmer.

This invariably means one or other of us being turfed out and sleeping in the spare room. Couple this with the fact the children seem to have taken up huge numbers of clubs this term and the homework level has massively shot up.

I leave work to go home to a mountain of further work with the children and finally fall wearily into bed long after the sun has gone down.

However, my tiredness cannot solely be blamed on my work-life balance, I must admit. For some reason I have been out at least once or twice a week every week this month. But I can’t knock it as it has been fun!

And it has made me realise I should stop whingeing about my lot as there are some amazing people out there who are doing double what I am and are still smiling with barely any bags under their eyes.

Last night I met one of the parents from my son’s school on a “let’s get to know each other” night out. She has four children under the age of 11, works full time as a teacher and does this all on her own as her husband is away working during the week. And she still looks gorgeous.

But despite knowing there are others out there managing it all so much better than me, I am still worrying about what I am going to do with my brood in the upcoming half term.

As the other half has to work I will have to entertain the troops on my own. Usually not a problem, but this time round we have agreed to the house being rewired and a new boiler being fitted during too. Good timing!

As there will be no functioning services in the house I really do need to find somewhere else to take the kids. Usually the hotel of mum and dad is my first port of call, but this year they have decided to take themselves off for a well-deserved break (how dare they! I mean, why they wouldn’t want three small grandchildren rampaging round their tidy home?)

With a week and a half to go I am still not sure what we will do. Friends’ floors seem extremely tempting now. But at least I know if we stay in the city the children will be well entertained.

Sheffield City Council is helping to put on a number of initiatives for youngsters during the half term week.

This includes a Swallows and Amazons creative outdoor adventure days for junior school children at Notre Dame High School.

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