All this reality stuff’s a bit too flash for me

Quick: The flash mob wedding. Picture: Angela Ward-Brown
Quick: The flash mob wedding. Picture: Angela Ward-Brown
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THE UK’s first flash mob wedding took part in a sculpture park this week.

I just don’t get it.

One minute everybody’s walking around enjoying the sunshine, then within seconds, apparent ‘passers-by’ have formed pews and created an ‘aisle’ out of drapes of material.

The bride races down the aisle, she and the groom spit out their vows, quickly peck each other on the lips and then the crowd disperses, like nothing ever happened.

I hate to ask the obvious question, but... why?

Surely there are key moments in our lives – in among the stresses of everyday life and work – that we should relish and enjoy.

We don’t get many so when they come along we should make the most of them and I would have expected a wedding to fall into this category.A whole day that should be devoted entirely to something wonderful happening to you... crammed into a few minutes?

It’s just the latest ‘reality’ craze I guess. It seems as if people’s lives have become about performing for the cameras and now even the moments that should be sacred are turning into public property.

Where does it end?

I can’t really imagine flash mob birthday parties taking off: people bursting into your house and hurling presents at you as they sing happy birthday at supersonic speed, cut the cake, stick the tail on the donkey, then rush out the door.

Scarier still: flash mob births?! Imagine pausing in the middle of your shopping trip to witness someone being brought into the world in the middle of a crowded shopping centre, applauding, then walking away.

I suppose if we blink-and-miss one of our own key, life-altering moments at least we’ll be able to watch it back later on youtube.