All talking like idiots

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A former head of posh public school Harrow says the computer age is proving to be the downfall of our kids.

That they get so addicted, they’ve all on to do the two things most parents dearly want them to do - which isn’t get a prize for nuclear physics or make it into the Manchester United youth academy. It is to have a decent conversation and read a book from time to time.

To that aim, we shouldn’t give our kids a smartphone until they’re at least 15 and only let them on the computer for one or two hours a day so that they HAVE to talk and read.

He’s dead right; give the man an A-plus. But he needs a huge reality-check. His rules would only work if every single parent conspired, then vowed to stick resolutely to their guns.

Kids want what other kids have - and feel deprived if they haven’t. And the world is becoming one huge touch-screen. Computerisation is not only unavoidable, it holds the key to most children’s futures.

There is another way of looking at it; you can take the Melvin Bragg approach. At least Twitter and Facebook are encouraging kids to express themselves through writing, he says, beaming with positivity.

The fact that the language they write in already bears greater resemblance to medieval country bumpkin than Oxford Dictionary modern is what worries me, though.

Come 2050 when our kids’ kids are jetting off to new planets while robot clone drones fill the void at the office, they’ll sound like a right bunch of idiots.