Alert: Mobile phone upgrade fraud

Mobile phone upgrade fraudMobile phone upgrade fraud
Mobile phone upgrade fraud
Mobile phone users are being warned over a new scam designed to obtain personal and financial details from unsuspecting members of the public.

Fraudsters claiming to be telephone service providers are cold calling people and offering mobile phone upgrades on a low monthly payment contract.

After convincing victims to purchase one of these non-existent contracts, the fraudsters ask for personal and financial details.They can then use this information to contact a genuine phone provider and order a new mobile phone handset using the victim’s details.

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In most reported cases the fraudsters will either intercept the delivery before it reaches the victim’s address or order the handset to a different address.

Action Fraud, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, has offered the following advice on protecting yourself from such scams.

Never give your personal information to a third party from an unsolicited communication.

Obtain the genuine number of the organisation being represented and verify the legitimacy of the communication.

If the offer is too good to be true it probably is.

If you have provided personal information and you are concerned that your identity may be compromised consider Cifas Protection Registration -