Alcoholic who died in police custody was not sent to hospital, Sheffield inquest told

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An alcoholic who died in police custody could have been sent to hospital if he had been seen by a doctor, an inquest into his death has heard.

Neil Budziszewski was found dead in his cell at Ecclesfield Police Station in Sheffield on May 3 2013.

Jurors at the 42-year-old’s inquest heard there was allegedly a series of mistakes made by South Yorkshire Police staff in the hours leading up to his death.

They included failure to call a doctor when Mr Budziszewski began retching and vomiting.

The court was told that two medical assessments in the months before Mr Budziszewski’s death pointed to alcohol withdrawal, including suffering seizures.

Jurors also heard he was unable to take tablets.

Dr Jason Payne-James, a forensic medical examiner, told the court a doctor given such information could have referred him to hospital that night, if a doctor had been called.

He said: “It makes it more likely.” He went on: “In the presence of vomiting and retching, and where he couldn’t retain oral medication, that would trigger a referral to hospital for assessment.”

The inquest continues.