Alcoholic’s death in field still a mystery after five years

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THE death of a Sheffield man whose body was found beside a motorway is still surrounded by mystery despite a five-year investigation.

Tyron Buxton, aged 47, was found in a field beside the M5 in Gloucestershire in 2007.

An inquest heard he had been picked up by police officers 30 miles south a few days earlier because he was hitch-hiking on the motorway.

Gloucestershire Deputy Coroner David Dooley was told no-one had seen him in the intervening period or could shed any light on how he came to be in the field.

Mr Buxton, an unemployed grass cutter from Batemoor Place, Batemoor, was found by a farmer. He had only 29p on him. There were no signs of injury.

Det Sgt David Shore-Nye said relatives had described him as an alcoholic and said he had travelled from Sheffield with two friends, to stay with one of their mums.

They left to travel home together on April 15, but when they reached services in Bristol Mr Buxton was said to have been drunk and wanting to buy some more cider.

Mr Shore-Nye said: “The others wanted to continue fairly quickly and told him not to be long.

“When he had not returned within a short time, they searched the services, but could not find him. They assumed he had walked out of the area to find a shop.”

Mr Buxton had been hitch- hiking on the hard shoulder of the motorway two days before his body was found.

He told police officers he had been abandoned by friends and was making his way back to Sheffield.

Mr Dooley recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He said: “He may have suffered keto-acedosis as a result of withdrawal from alcohol because he ran out of money.

“His alcoholic lifestyle was his own choice.”