Alcohol seized from children in Chesterfield

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More than 70 cans and bottles of beer, cider and spirits have been seized during police patrols in Chesterfield.

Officers stopped around 60 underage drinkers in the Queen’s Park and Holmebrook Valley Park area on Friday, June 13 and seized their alcohol.

The operation was aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour.

Warning letters will be sent to the parents of all the children caught drinking.

Inspector John Turner, who is in charge of policing in Chesterfield, said: “Underage drinking and anti-social behaviour is something that we continue to target alongside partnership agencies.

“It isn’t just about punishing those drinking below the legal age limit, it’s also to protect them from getting into harmful situations and possibly causing a nuisance to other members of the community.

“I am pleased that we confiscated such a large amount of alcohol that could have been consumed by underage teens with potentially dangerous consequences.

“I would encourage parents to make sure they know where there children will be while they are out with friends, and that they are aware of the all risks and possible consequences of drinking alcohol underage and to excess.

“We would also like to remind all adults that if you provide or buy alcohol for a youngster then you are breaking the law. You risk a fine and even prosecution, but more importantly you are putting their safety at risk.”