Alcohol-free nights for South Yorkshire planned

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A SOUTH Yorkshire group is taking the temptation out of Christmas with a series of ‘dry’ events tailored to recovering alcoholics.

The Alternative Nite Out has been created for people who want to enjoy a night on the town but avoid the headache the next day.

“We are striving to challenge this myth that in order to have a great time you have to be drunk,” said organiser Hayley Youell, a development worker with Barnsley group Action Space Mobile.

“We provide music, art, food, and the whole thing is alcohol-free.”

The Alternative Nite Out supports recovering alcoholics who want to be able to socialise without the pressure or temptation to drink.

“Christmas can be very difficult for people in recovery as temptation is all around,” said Hayley.

“It’s also traditionally a time when stresses of family, money and emotions can rear their heads.

“These events have attracted people from all walks of life, not just those in recovery; people who fancy a change from hangovers, drunken antics and the mayhem of a night on the town.”

The Alternative Nite Out events are organised in conjunction with Barnsley Drug and Alcohol. They have a full listing of ‘dry’ events going on into the new year, including poetry nights, music and comedy events, art exhibitions and even duvet days.

“We want people to challenge this idea of what a good time should be,” Hayley explained.

“We want them to ask themselves how much they drink and why. Is it too much? Are they drinking for comfort, confidence or stress release?

“Our aim is to give people a great experience - one that they will definitely remember in the morning.”

The next Alternative Nite Out is December 28. Visit Alternative Barnsley for more.