Alcohol claims 130 lives in Sheffield every year

New figures have been released on alcohol related deaths
Picture: Thomas Hawk
New figures have been released on alcohol related deaths Picture: Thomas Hawk
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Alcohol misuse kills 130 people in Sheffield every year, new figures reveal.

The figures, released by Sheffield Council, show than men are affected most, with around 100 dying every year.

Sheffield Council released the statistics as its cabinet prepares to discuss a new alcohol strategy drafted for the city for the next four years.

Plans include screening more people for problems earlier on, encouraging more people to take up treatment and working with partners to help make Sheffield safer for those on nights out in the city.

Councillor Cate McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: We have made it easier to access alcohol support services in Sheffield so that more people will use them. There’s also a strong recovery community and anyone affected by alcohol issues is welcome.

“Our plans for the next four years include identifying people affected by alcohol earlier on so treatment can be offered to stop problems from getting worse. We will also continue to work with other services and explore new ways to tackle the problems.

“Our aim is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol in Sheffield to keep more people safe and living well.”

The strategy will be discussed next Wednesday.

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Danny, a recovering alcoholic from Sheffield, has been affected by alcohol for 16 years.

He said: “I had a normal upbringing in Sheffield, was an average pupil at school and did an apprenticeship.

"I joined the Army when I was 20 years old, I finished my career in the Army 22 years later, and found the transition to civilian life very difficult, and that’s when my drinking started to get out of control.

“It wasn’t a problem as I saw it at first, it just started to increase. But by 2009 I was starting to drink 24/7 and my life was being run by alcohol.”

“There are a lot of people out there with addiction problems. I don’t want people to go through the same nightmare as I did if possible. You come out of the other end battered and bruised, but it is well worth the effort to get sober. I’m telling my story now, so that hopefully others will realise you can come through it, there is help out there. Use it.

“You’ve got to admit to yourself that you’ve got a problem and only you can do that. And if you are wondering if you’ve got a problem then you probably have. Get yourself help and go to a meeting. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.”

Anyone worried about their alcohol use should call 0114 226 3000.