Alarm as OAP’s lifeline is cut

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FEW people rely on Sheffield Council’s City Alarm system quite as much as Mary Edge, aged 91.

She spent a month in hospital after a fall recently and is still fragile despite being allowed home. And she lives alone.

Mary wears a device around her neck which can raise the alarm if she gets into difficulty – but it depends on a phone line.

So you can imagine the worry when workmen accidentally cut the cable and it wasn’t repaired for more than three weeks.

Son-in-law William Bennet, aged 71, approached his MP and BT director David Jones before contacting Action Desk.

He said: “I don’t think they really understand how desperate it is not to have this lifeline.

“I live quite close but Mary has no way of contacting me at all. I can’t look after her that well to be honest because my wife has cancer.”

The cut line affected 20 homes in the S2 area.

A BT spokeswoman said it was fixed the next day.

She said: “We have apologised for the inconvenience and arranged to refund her line rental for the time she was without service. We have also registered her to our Priority Fault Repair Service so there is a flag on her account and any future faults will be repaired as a priority.”