Alan has a fishy tale

Alan Little who has decided to eat sushi for 100 days to raise money for charity
Alan Little who has decided to eat sushi for 100 days to raise money for charity
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Forget Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, pork pie or Barnsley chops.

For Alan Jones there’s only one sort of snap worth considering and it comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

The 23-year-old, of Victoria Road, Barnsley town centre, has set himself a challenge to eat sushi for lunch and dinner for 100 days straight.

Alan, who works as barman and receptionist at Barnsley Civic Theatre, said: “I love making sushi.”

He first got the idea for the 100-day diet after reading a post on Barnsley Oriental sushisushi Facebook page.

“It was about how buying ingredients in bulk quantities and how it can save you money. I worked out how much ingredients I would need to make sushi for 100 days and then I gave them a call and ordered it.”

Now just a few days into the challenge Alan is loving it.

“The worst thing about sushi is making it. So if I make a big batch it will last me a few days and save on the washing up,” he said.

Alan says his experiment is about saving cash, eating healthily and raising sponsorship money for The Marine Conservation Society.

The rice, seaweed and sushi vinegar cost less than £100 but he needs to add fillings such as tuna or salmon.

Alan went for a check-up at the doctors who advised against the experiment and said eating one type of food over long periods could lead to health complications.

Alan plans to use a lot of fillings including vegetables, chicken and turkey.

He said: “Sushi is not just about raw fish like most people think. You can make it with anything you like. It’s eaten like we eat sandwiches in lots of countries.

“The 100 days will take me past I’m thinking turkey and stuffing sushi roll, with a little cranberry sauce.”

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