Alan Biggs: Sheffield United can't get complacent over boss Chris Wilder

Sheffield United lost 4-1 in their last game - but they are about as close to a crisis as I am to being Prime Minister.

Thursday, 19th January 2017, 11:00 am

And if all you’ve got to worry about is admiring glances at your manager then life is pretty good.

Especially when that manager has no more intention of walking out on his dream job than I have of entering politics!

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Except for politics of the football variety, of course. And here’s the point. It concerns suggestions last weekend that Nottingham Forest’s would-be American owner had Chris Wilder on his radar, relayed by yours truly from trusted sources.

Cue accusations of boat-rocking and rumour-mongering.

When you cover a team regularly there are always some people (a minority) who think it’s part of your job to ignore what’s in front of your face.

Get used to it, folks. Other clubs have noticed the job being done by the Blades boss on the back of a successful career in which, across 15 years, he has remarkably never been sacked. Be glad of it. Would you rather it was not the case?

I am sure the people who matter most, in the boardroom, will not be blind to this. Why should anyone else?

As it turned out, the Forest takeover collapsed shortly after the link surfaced. Yet there was no real need for a sigh of relief.

Wilder was staying anyway. You’ll notice he’s not in the running with the bookies.

Which doesn’t necessarily justify total complacency. You can expect Wilder to be linked with other jobs. Don’t forget both Bolton and Charlton made approaches before United made their inspired move last summer.

Granted, he signed a three-year contract. And yes, there is no need to renew with the initial job only half done.

But there are two sides to the coin when it comes to keeping or parting with football managers. Both can be extremes, but that is the reality.

Wilder’s record is also one of extremes in terms of progress. I recall him saying he barely stopped to check the financial details when the Blades swooped and you doubt he is lavishly rewarded by the standards of a club regularly attracting 20,000 crowds.

United must choose their moment and I am sure they will. This is all said (hopefully without tempting fate) with not a shred of doubt that the club is heading back to the Championship under this manager.

Whether it takes one more season or not. Which I doubt.

Upcoming for the League One leaders are three successive home games. A chance to put the surprise end to a six match winning run firmly in its place.