Alan Biggs: Let’s see a smile for the new season

Alan Biggs
Alan Biggs
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There are positive people and there are negative people. Guess which type tend to succeed – and is it any coincidence?

But positive people also tend to do better with positive people around them. Over to you, good citizens of Hillsborough and Bramall Lane.

This is no sermon. Lord knows the football fans of this parish have had more than enough to put up with for too long. But consider this: Neither club would have a chairman and a manager if there weren’t positive people in this world! Optimists too.

All things considered, I’ve long marvelled at the support both Sheffield clubs command. In quantity if (understandably) not always in quality, it’s right up there.

But, as we head into another season of hope and apprehension, if you can find something good to say rather than something bad then go for it. Bit rich, maybe, for a journalist to say this considering our leaning towards bad news! That said, I honestly think that age-old philosophy needs changing too.

Life would be so much better if we tried to focus more on the good stuff. Football is part of life – if not, in some cases, nearly all of it! And the social media is such that everyone is involved in setting the mood. Just saying. . .