Alan Biggs: Harry Maguire’s ambition should not be sniped at

Harry Maguire in training with Sheffield United
Harry Maguire in training with Sheffield United
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If you think Harry Maguire leaving Sheffield United is a matter of when not if, we are very much on the same page. And if you question whether it is the right thing – for him – we are singing from hymn sheets.

But one thing I can never abide is fans dissing a player just for departing. It’s football, it’s life, it happens all the time. Even when no-one but the player, his agent and the buying club wants it to be the case. Maguire and the Blades have been magnificent for each other.

To amass 166 senior appearances across three years at the age of 21 is nothing short of incredible. His exit – with Premier League Hull City in pole position if they increase their £1.5m bid to something acceptable – would be regrettable.

The young centre half could live to regret it, whatever the multiplication of his wages.

He was primed to attract ever more attention in what everyone expects to be a promotion season at S2.

A huge adjustment faces him to avert that all-too-real threat of vanishing without a trace.

But Maguire has been a credit to United on and off the field.

You can’t stop ambition and he would deserve good wishes all round – if our suspicions are confirmed.

As for Wednesday and the latest takeover rumbles, can only say what it LOOKS like. New owner diverting funds from French club to S6? A man who keeps many balls in the air has to be good at juggling.