Alan Biggs: Derby games will have all of Sheffield (and Chesterfield) keeping an eye out

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Hands up you Owls who’d like to take a crafty peek at Sheffield United’s derby clash at Chesterfield on Saturday. Be honest now.

And how many of you Blades would want to keep a hawkish eye on how Wednesday fare at Leeds?

Except you can’t, of course. Neither of you. Not really with the Elland Road tussle kicking off at 12.15 and the Proact getting down to business just 45 minutes later at 1pm. Matches being timed to suit Sky - as at Leeds - is something we can’t avoid these days, regrettable though it still is on those many occasions when the cameras lower the live crowd (just 20,656 for the Hillsborough game with Forest recently). And it’ll be interesting to see how many seats are left empty at Elland Road.

But it seems the 3pm derby has become a thing of the past whether it’s televised or not. The police - who I maintain have a job to keep order at public entertainment events rather than dictate when they start – usually have the final say.

So it’s great to see that the Spireites-Blades clash is guaranteed a 10,000 sell-out crowd regardless. Just a pity to see more traditions breaking down.