Alan Biggs at Large: It’s time to concentrate on football matters, as Mammadov’s Owls takeover drags on...

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You can try to draw a line under takeover talk - but that won’t stop the next wretched rumour crawling out of the woodwork.

So what say we all ignore it? What say we just wait for it to happen or, more likely, not?

For every rumour, someone somewhere is doing some spouting. And history shows that those who TALK about buying football clubs are NOT usually the ones who do it.

So who are the real mugs in this mugs’ game? Not him - he’s got the publicity he wanted. We’re the fall guys.

Without us the “tyre kickers” would have no ego to inflate.

Not that I would put Hafiz Mammadov in that bracket.

I think an economic downturn in Azerbaijan has conspired against him. But the fact is that his much heralded £40m buy-out (trumpeted on HIS behalf initially) has stalled.

And this, don’t forget, after an officially announced deal signed in good faith on all sides.

There is no choice but to report such things. And if that’s not a certainty, what is?

But it’s now an outside bet and the best thing for Sheffield Wednesday is to put it all on the back burner and let Milan Mandaric get on with things as before.

...but Gray will carry on regardless

We know he needs help but he hasn’t been doing such a bad job. Two games, two wins. It’ll more than do for now.

Sometime someone will pick up the load.

When and who? Pass. Let’s take a swerve in the direction of the pitch.If a manager can be out after one game and Sheffield Wednesday can fizz after a flat summer, what next?

We should tread warily - but a good start can be as infectious as those bad ones.

Many felt Stuart Gray would be on a hiding to nothing this season, albeit not subject to the bizarre fate that befell one-time Owls striker Robins at Huddersfield.

But you sense in Gray a man who doesn’t fret in adversity.

The nucleus of his team from last season remain well bonded judging by the unexpected win at Brighton.

And confidence abounded in the way they brushed aside Notts County in the Capital One Cup.

What struck me was that Wednesday caught the eye creatively as opposed to their slightly plodding efforts of last season.

Chris Maguire, Jacques Maghoma and Giles Coke set up far more openings than the scoreline suggested which in turn highlighted a known shortfall up front.

Madine’s goal celebration was suitably restrained. He still owes so much to himself and his club.

The ever willing Atdhe Nuhiu needed half a dozen chances to score one.

But with £800,000 Stevie May to inject against Derby County this weekend and another striker on the way, dare I say some cause for optimism?