Airport bleats

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On Saturday night I took my son, aged 22, to a takeaway in the lay-by at Meadowhead where we saw three lads standing by the fence adjacent to the petrol station. One was aged about 13, one around 12 and the third around 10.

As my son got out of the car the middle one approached him and asked if he would go into the garage for a packet of cigarettes. My son refused.

While my son was in the takeaway I parked a little nearer and saw three or four other lads in there, similar ages to the boys I’d already seen although one only looked around eight.

The first three then joined the ones in the takeaway. Coming out, they started lighting up cigarettes. It wasn’t the afternoon or early evening but after 11.30 at night.

What on Earth are children as young as these doing out at that time? Where are the parents?

Even though the boys were causing no trouble if I’d had my mobile on me at the time I would have phoned the police. Unbelievable.

BD, Sheffield

Airport bleats

I AM tired of reading letters bleating about (or lack of) Sheffield Airport. These people should ask themselves if a large developer would have chosen to build a new airport in a town as opposed to a city if it were not viable to do so? Why did the MoD decide to build an air-force base at Doncaster and not Sheffield? And would they have liked to have had a bomber base with noisy aircraft like the Vulcans on their doorstep in the first place?

B Heaton, Doncaster