Age hasn’t taught her...

Demi: Dumped again
Demi: Dumped again
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Demi Moore doesn’t do things by halves, does she?

After younger husband Ashton Kutcher broke her 50-year-old heart in two, you’d think she’d have closed the lid on the toyboy box.

But no. She’s recently been dating a man a dozen years younger than 34-year-old Kutcher. Now her beau has tired of her, too - dating a celebrity was damaging his reputation as an art dealer.

Ouch. What he really meant to say was either: A. People will think I’ve got a mother complex or B. I don’t want to be used as an anti-ageing tool by a fading actress. Whichever, he didn’t exactly see Demi as a trophy girlfriend, did he?

Still, you can see the Demi-lemma. Who else can she date? Men her age are chasing girls half theirs.