After the election

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Well we have all had our fill of ludicrous sights after the election has been and gone.

Charlotte Church looking like she’s on steroids, Russell Brand looking like he’s on himself, Ed Milibrand looking like Moses in the Ten Commandments with his tablet of stone, which was as hard to swallow as himself.George Galloway, surely a future as a mature male model.

But for me the one that summed this once great country up –Sam Cam, on a child’s scooter escorted by an armed policeman.

And she the successor to the wives of political greats whose names ring down through British, indeed world history. In their footsteps? Doubt it, but she’s the first with a tattoo. God help us.

But the people spoke in numbers and locally it was a well-organised affair thanks to Sheffield City Council. As J Robin Hughes has pointed out, don’t knock ’em on the sharp edge of the public sector.

Things to Come, well the Star’s regular column spot seems to be emerging as a sort of Police Five judging by the rota.

Look out for the maiden effort from Harry Harpham, with the infectious grin and shock of hair which once indicated a future Time Lord, to me at least.

Ron Sir Herbert Gussett Clayton,

Much Foaming At The Mouth, S6