Affairs on a fag break

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I WRITE in reply to a letter on the smoking ban (Name and address supplied, July 12), in which he/she goes on about official ‘fag’ breaks and affairs.

Is it more tea/coffee breaks that you want or are you just a little bit envious of smokers?

Nudge, wink.

I ask this because in your strange world, just about everyone who smokes is at it like rabbits.

I am the MD and chairman of my business and also like a cigarette. But let me tell you, there are no official ‘fag’ breaks as you put it. However, there are unofficial/official allowances for breaks, dependant upon individual companies and their managements.

As with most businesses, my employees have tea/coffee and lunch breaks and during the allotted periods, this may well include smokers going out and having a cigarette instead of the obligatory custard cream, as do I when time permits.

It would appear that you have a grudge against smoking. That’s fine, but look at it from the poor smoker’s view. While we outcasts are puffing away in all manner of inclement weather, feeding billions of pounds into the system from our ‘fag’ tax, you are able to reap many of the benefits. So, instead of condemnation, you ought to be looking out for us.

You then ask how many affairs are nurtured between smokers while their other half is indoors working. If this should occur, then this is mainly due to you and a large portion of your non-smoking fraternity who sent us there, so stop moaning. But, I am probably not alone to think there are far more liaisons/affairs planned and committed ‘indoors’ (especially Christmas parties) in fact anywhere there is a cloakroom, stockroom, toilet etc.

Oh no! While we are outside with our ‘fags’ our other half is indoors ‘working’ and there are things like… toilets and stockrooms and cloakrooms in there?

I’m still confused as to the point you are trying to make. Anyhow, must dash, I can feel paranoia coming on and my ‘official’ fag break is nearly over.

Jud Beighton