Advice if you experience a bad holiday

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like Peter Horsfield, we booked a Thomsons holiday.

Ours was through teletext and we were told it was 99 per cent certain we’d be in Paphos, Cyprus and there was a 1 per cent chance we’d go to Limassol - and if we did get Limassol a change would be no trouble in October.

On arrival at Paphos airport just the two of us were sent on a two and a half hour taxi drive to filthy lager-lout apartments in Ayia Nappa. Thomson’s staff demanded we pay the full price of another holiday to move us to Paphos.

The apartment was infested with cockroaches, ants and a mouse and accessed via what can best be described as an underground car park.

The porter made us carry our own bags and failed to warn us of a steep drop down to the apartment. I fell and injured my back.

No matter how many calls we made to Thomson’s Limassol office we were not offered an accident form. We warned them we’d take it to court, which we did.

My advice is give Thomson’s every reasonable opportunity to put matters right but warn them of your intentions, avoid Abta (Which Magazines advice) go to small claims courts as individuals and observe all protocols. I made a protocol error which was going to cost me a lot of money until my trade union stepped in with their union solicitors, Irwin Mitchell, who have a department that specialises in holiday disputes.

We were initially reimbursed the cost of re-locating ourselves to Paphos.

I was also eventually paid £3,000 in compensation for my back injury thanks to Irwin Mitchell.

And all costs were paid by Thomson’s.

John Swift, Dronfield