Adds insult to injury

After my recent letter regarding the comments '˜Without Acts 435 no one in Parson Cross could go debt free', contained in an article in the Yorkshire Post and written by Archbishop Santamu, I registered a complaint with Citizens Advice.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 6:57 am
Updated Monday, 30th April 2018, 7:01 am
The Archbishop of York Dr John Santamu

For the benefit of those on Parson Cross who considered the assumption a gross insult, I am posting the following from the response:

‘I was not aware of this article until I received your complaint. I can assure you that we do not think that without Acts 435 no one in Parson Cross could go debt free. This is self-evidently not the case. Indeed, I entirely agree with you that many households on Parson Cross are not reliant on debt, and to suggest otherwise is unhelpful.

I have spoken to our manager and staff who work alongside Acts 435 at Mount Tabor church. Like me, none of them were previously aware of the article and had not spoken to the journalist (there was no journalist – it was written by J Santamu himself). They also agree the statement is not true’.

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To someone who has regularly challenged negativity, blatant insults and untruths contained in articles and videos placed on the internet without the knowledge of local residents (sometimes by people paid to work here) this is yet another unwarranted attack. The fact that nobody appears willing to claim ownership of the comment only adds insult to injury.

I wonder, did whoever met or spoke to such an eminent figure find it such an inauspicious moment that it has readily slipped from memory?

Many jobs, plus access to funding streams, are now reliant on the prevailing poverty and distress of those in difficult circumstances but dragging down a whole neighbourhood is surely not the way to resolve things!

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson cross, Sheffield 5

Get a life

I have just read CM Langan’s letter in today’s Star about people having to see their GPs with stress because of the tree felling situation.

Haven’t these people got anything better to worry about than trees being felled? Have they ever thought of getting a life?

Peter Nicklin

Rushdale Road, Sheffield, S8

Terrible tragedy

What a terrible tragedy the Alfie Evans case is.

What right has a judge, or anyone else, to deny the parents of any, in their eyes, the right to explore any means possible in helping their son to life.

When a mature person pleads for the opposite, the right to die, euthanasia, that request is dismissed out of hand by the judiciary.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Three is enough

Another Royal baby, I think three is enough now.

Don’t forget us taxpayers are supporting this new Prince and his luxury lifestyle. I don’t think we can afford any more.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Carbrook Hall issue

The Star recently put together a rather motley crew of 21 ‘lost Sheffield Pubs’ including the historic Carbrook Hall.

I and others can assure your readers that the Carbrook Hall issue is very much in our minds and it’s hoped the local media’s also.

The eventual failure as a pub of this unique relic of 17th century Sheffield was flagged up before it happened by the sadly disbanded John Bright’s Regiment of Foot, raised by Col John Bright whose family owned the Hall, and letters from me.

However, Carbrook Hall is still on the radar, I can assure you.

Ron Clayton


Sheffield snooker

The Crucible in Sheffield is synonymous with snooker as well as great theatre, but if a time ever came to move, because as Barry Hearn comments it’s a too smaller venue, the obvious next option for Sheffield is to surely move snooker to the Arena. Keep Sheffield snooker.

John Moore

Manchester Road , S36

Give them a bloody nose

Sheffield councillors now want to vote on slapping a preservation order on some sycamore trees on a road in Sheffield – unbelievable!

It’s too late for those they have felled already but hey they have chopped down most of the valuable lime trees.

They first halted the tree felling programme while the council elections are ongoing, now those very same councillors who allowed the destruction of our renowned wooded streets to go on, now fear for their council seats, as the protest vote against them gathers momentum.

It must never be forgotten that most of the trees were cut down to avoid any future maintenance cost. The saplings they are planting will need no work on them for at least 30 years.

I will also make a prediction that when the contractors have finished this project they will sell off the 30-year maintenance contract to the highest bidder and walk away from its obligations, as that is what PFI and the like do.

I do not vote for a party, I vote for what is best for our city and its reputation.

I urge the people to vote against this council and give them a bloody nose.

R Gissing Snr

Jaunty Road, Sheffield, S12

Let Amey work on roads

Just a thought for the clowns in the Town Hall. You keep banging on about the Heart of the City project and yet you are removing the lungs of the city with your onslaught on our healthy trees.

If it’s a case of just finding work for Amey’s employees stop it and let them work on our medieval roads full of potholes.

Mr Anthony

Sheffield, S14