Addict’s mum calls for rethink over funding cut to drug support service

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A WORRIED mum has urged a rethink about plans to cut 10 per cent from Sheffield Council’s grant to a drug support charity.

The woman, whose son is a former heroin addict, has called for the Arundel Street Project which helped him, to be spared from the planned reduction in its £68,000 annual council funding.

She said: “When I discovered 12 years ago that my son was a heroin addict I was devastated and had no idea what to do about it. We were a close family and every one of us was affected by the knowledge that this much- loved son, brother and grandson had somehow changed beyond recognition. We found it hard to get either help or advice and didn’t know where to turn.

“He now works for the Arundel Street project which is facing a 10 per cent cut to its budget from April this year. I know how valuable this service and others like it are to present and future clients. I appreciate everyone’s budget is being squeezed but ask the council to look again at its decision. So many families and individuals across the country are encountering these problems every day and I want them to have the happy outcome we have enjoyed.”

A Unite trade union member who works at the project, added: “There is still a vital need to prevent harm happening to their families, children and wider community. This cut will mean workers are over stretched and it risks us not being able to protect the most vulnerable.”