Addict punched, kicked and bit police officers at Sheffield railway station

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A drug addict punched, kicked and bit police officers at Sheffield railway station after being caught stealing.

Damian Mayfield also shouted racist abuse at a female Asian police officer during the incident on July 3 last year.

Police used a form of pepper spray on Mayfield, 32, of Cottam Road, High Green, during the incident.

He was given a suspended jail sentence of 12 months for theft and affray in September, but was back in court yesterday for breaching the order after admitting four counts of shoplifting last month. Mayfield pleaded guilty to taking items including chocolate, meat, coffee and alcohol.

In the July incident, Mayfield had taken three bottles of alcohol from the Marks and Spencer shop at the station and after being stopped by a security guard, threatened to hit the man with a guitar he was carrying.

Police officers were called and reported Mayfield was ‘extremely agitated and foaming at the mouth’.

Mayfield pushed a female police officer and threw a punch at her and the security guard. He kicked out at another police officer and bit the leg of another PC, all while shouting abuse - some of it racist.

Mayfield had 38 previous convictions for 77 offences.

Ian Goldsack, defending, said his client had suffered from ‘fairly crippling addictions to Class A substances and more recently, problems with alcohol’.

Mayfield got 28 days in jail for the shoplifting charges, including the time he has already served since admitting the latest charges. His suspended sentence was extended for six months.