Added time for prisoner found with weapon in Doncaster jail

Neil FriarNeil Friar
Neil Friar
An inmate found with a weapon in a Doncaster jail has had extra time added onto his sentence.

Neil Friar, aged 35, was found with a length of sharpened metal when he chased another prisoner at HMP Lindholme in November last year.

Friar, who was given an extra 20 months after admitting having an improvised weapon, was spotted with the metal before he could injure anyone

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He is formerly from North Yorkshire and currently serving a sentence at a prison in West Yorkshire for Class A drugs offences.

Acting Detective Sergeant Alex Dorlin, from South Yorkshire's Prison Investigation Team, said: “Thankfully prison officers were able to intervene and stop Friar before anyone was injured but his possession of an improvised weapon was clearly intended to cause someone harm.

“I am pleased he will spend a further period of time behind bars for his crime."