Adapt and reinvent old buildings for modern use

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Paul Kenny (Letters, July 31) completely missed the point I was trying to make about cinemas in The Star on July 26.

The demolition of our cinemas and other old buildings by the council resulted in the loss of some wonderful architecture worthy of saving, but I was not suggesting that all cinemas could have been retained.

Although present- day cinemas will never equal the popularity they commanded in their heyday in the 1940s, ’50s and early ’60s, films are still being made and there is still a demand to see them or else the planners wouldn’t have considered incorporating one into the new shopping complex on The Moor.

Building a new one to serve the city centre would have been totally unnecessary if the elegant Gaumont in Barker’s Pool hadn’t been shamefully bulldozed.

This cinema would have been fit for purpose even in the present day as it really was a multi-purpose building with a large seating capicity, several screens and an excellent restaurant which would have only needed updating.

Paul Kenny’s narrow outlook doesn’t seem to recognise that the way forward is to adapt and reinvent some of our lovely old buildings for modern use which can be accomplished with a little effort and vision.

If it had been up to the council we would have lost the wonderful Lyceum Theatre as they wanted to demolish it.

Susan Richardson