Activities around us to beat the holiday blues

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COMING back from holiday always leaves you feeling slightly blue.

Before you go, there is the excitement and anticipation. You have booked it, looked at all the lovely photos on the internet and planned in fine detail what you will do - beach, pool and then bar.After all, you are on holiday.

The main thing is to do as little as possible while wearing as little as possible. Each day blends perfectly into the next, with little more than eating, resting and swimming marking out the hours, with the odd bit of sight-seeing thrown in for good measure.

With three small people in tow, we decided the best thing for our annual fortnightly jaunt was to split it into two trips - one spent in Britain, the other abroad.

Week one saw us head to the idyllic and tranquil Cotswolds. Here, we hired a gorgeous cottage complete with wooden beams which looked like it was part of a film set for a period drama.

The glorious hamlet of just a handful of homes where our cottage was located had its peace unceremoniously shattered the moment our tribe arrived. This was clearly a place where people had saved their pennies to have a bit of the good life in retirement. I doubt any of the residents had counted on a band of lively children cantering through the narrow streets on their invisible horses pretending to be Robin Hood.

We felt less guilty unleashing our mob on the general public in the second week. This time, we opted for seven days in sunny Majorca.

Despite having a private villa complete with its own pool, we still managed to make enough noise. This was mainly achieved by the eldest who, as predicted, spent nearly all her waking hours in the pool. Luckily the villa next door also had an equally enthusiastic young swimmer in residence and the splashes of our youngster was matched by the family next door.

The only downside to holidays is the eventual homecoming. Days of washing, ironing, cleaning and shopping are clearly not priorities for disenchanted offspring, who have just had the time of their lives.

That is why I am glad that here in Sheffield there is still plenty of marvellous things to do before the return to school. This Bank Holiday weekend, we will be taking the children to Sheffield Fayre at Norfolk Heritage Park. Here they can make all the noise they like as they compete with the sound of cannon fire as battle re-enactments take place. For more information visit and click on browse upcoming events.