Action group calls for crackdown on dumping

Fly tipping on streets around Darnall
Fly tipping on streets around Darnall
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A community leader has called for action to tackle ‘disgraceful’ levels of fly-tipping which he says are blighting his suburb.

Taha Saleh, chairman of Darnall Action Group, said he has seen everything from piles of rubbish to old settees littering the area.

Fly tipping on streets around Darnall

Fly tipping on streets around Darnall

Mr Saleh said: “Streets affected include Main Road, Staniforth Road, Irving Street and Fisher Lane – the list goes on.

“I have walked around the majority of the area with my camera and came across some appalling places where rubbish has been dumped.

“Ten years ago, it wasn’t like this. Now everywhere you look, there is rubbish. This is the sad state of the area I have lived in for 20 years.”

Mr Saleh added: “No-one cares about this area any more. It has become a slum and ghetto. Where’s the council when you need them?

“If this was Ecclesall, I bet there would be serious action.

“There are settees and fridges on the roads. What’s this all about, people leaving this on the pavement and nothing being done by the council?

“The area has become a free-for all to do whatever you like. Put a fridge on the pavement and no-one will do anything about it.”

Mr Saleh said residents had spotted rats in areas including on Fisher Lane, close to Greenlands Junior School.

Sheffield Council say residents should report fly-tipping.

A spokeswoman said: “We are doing all we can to prevent fly-tipping and continue to respond to instances in the area. It is vital the local community work with us to report fly-tipping so we can tackle this problem together.

“The vast majority of people in Sheffield behave responsibly and dispose of their waste through the many options available to them in the city.

“Fly-tipping is completely unacceptable and we hope that through continuing to report all cases of fly-tipping and taking action to clamp down we will tackle the problem.”

n To report fly-tipping call 101. For the removal of bulky refuse call 0114 273 4567.