Action Desk: Wheely good or Denise in long-running mobility scooter battle

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A Sheffield woman who battled with a mobility scooter company for six months after a botched repair has had some wheely good news.

Denise Mannion, who struggles to walk, took her scooter to Eden Mobility, on Halifax Road in Wadsley Bridge, in September 2015.

Her scooter had stopped working so she bought some new batteries in-store.

However, this failed to solve the problem and she then asked Eden Mobility to send an engineer to her home.

The engineer told Denise that the problem was a fault with the charging point and said the new part would cost £40.

She handed over her banking details – but after checking her account Denise realised she had in fact been charged £64 rather than £40.

To make matters worse, and despite the new part being fitted, the scooter still didn’t work.

Denise called Eden Mobility at least three times and engineers came out on four separate occasions but they failed to fix the scooter.

She eventually gave up, took the scooter elsewhere and it was fixed within a few days. 
Denise then asked Eden Mobility for her money back.

She said: “I just got fed up and wanted it fixed. It has been frustrating. They kept saying it was all kinds of different problems.

“I just want my money back now. They can even come and get the part they gave me as I don’t need it.”

Denise contacted Eden Mobility again requesting a refund multiple times and wrote to the head office but did not hear back.


We contacted Eden Mobility and requested that Denise be given her money back.

Speaking to a representative often proved difficult but after multiple phone calls and emails stretching over many weeks a company spokesman said they had arranged to give Denise a free mobility scooter.

We contacted Eden Mobility again a number of times to request a comment and explanation but the company did not respond.