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A round-up of Action Desk issues over the last month.

When Susan Swan bought a mobility scooter for her husband it was meant to ease their problems – not make them worse.

Susan bought the scooter from Eden Mobility, in Wadsley Bridge, on Friday, July 17 for £695.

But when the scooter was tested on the Sunday it did not work.

An engineer came to the couple’s home in Parson Cross, Sheffield and told them it was faulty and should be returned to the shop.

Mrs Swan said: “I rang them the following day and was told that I couldn’t bring it back.

“My son ended up taking it back to the shop because we were told there were no drivers to pick it up.

“We took it down and they wrote on our receipt that we had taken it back and they said we would receive a cheque in the post in the next two weeks.

“It’s been over three weeks now and we haven’t heard anything.

“My husband is really ill and the stress of this is making him worse.

“I’ve been ringing to find out when we’re due to get our money back and now we’re not sure if we’ll even get it.”


Just a few hours after Action Desk contacted Eden Mobility, a representative had called Mrs Swan to say they were looking into the issue. Two days later she received another phone call to say that a cheque for a refund was in the post.

Mrs Swan said: “They said a cheque was in the post and they apologised that it had taken so long.

“I told them it had made my husband a bit more stressed.

“I think it’s you contacting them that had made them take notice. Thank you so much for your help.”

Transaction bailiff charge

Glyn Beaumont thought he had sorted an issue regarding his council tax payments to Sheffield Council.

Eight years ago there had been a problem with missed payments and his debt was passed onto a debt collection company.

Mr Beaumont, of Lowedges, Sheffield had set up a payment schedule with the council and Rossendales Debt Collection Company.

Since then, he had been paying on time every fortnight but then bailiffs started arriving at his home.

Mr Beaumont said: “The council said I haven’t missed any payments, but then the bailiffs came round to my house and said they were charging me for the visit.

“I’ve contacted the council and Rossendales and have been told the issue will be rectified, but the payment is still there.”


Action Desk contacted Sheffield Council and Rossendales Debt Collection Company to look into Mr Beaumont’s issue.

After a few weeks of investigation they found there had been an issue with a statutory transaction, putting the arrangement into default despite him making regular payments.

Rossendales made a visit to Mr Beaumont after sending several letters and made a charge for the visit. However, they have since reviewed his account and have arranged to have the charge removed.

Kerb too high for wheelchair

Disabled couple Ian Sarson and Tina Thomas regularly use the bus to get around Sheffield.

Despite both using wheelchairs, they like to be as independent as possible.

But since moving into their new home in Romney Gardens, in Heeley, Sheffield, in November 2014, their ability to get out and about has been reduced.

The couple are unable to get on the buses that stop on the opposite side of their road.

This is due to the fact that their wheelchairs cannot get up the high kerbs.

Instead they are forced to take taxis that can accommodate their wheelchairs.

Mr Sarson said: “In this day and age they have low floor buses, so we can get on the buses.

“Unfortunately we can’t get on the buses at the other side of the road because there is too big a step up for us.

“We can’t get to the bus stop because the kerb is too high for the wheelchairs. There are also a lot of potholes on the street, which make things difficult.

“We have complained to the council about it because it’s restricting our independence.

“We rang Streets Ahead about it to see when our street is getting done, but we haven’t heard anything back.”


A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “There are currently lowered kerbs on both sides of the junction of Romney Gardens with Fitzroy Road.

“There is also a vehicle crossing point on Fitzroy Road.

“That could be used by Mr Sarson to cross the road to reach the bus stop.

“At the moment we do not have any plans to add in any additional drop crossings on this road.”