ACTION DESK: How agent Brenda got her just reward

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IN 2009, Littlewoods changed the rules so rewards earned by customers ‘lapsed’ if they didn’t buy from the catalogue for six months – and it cost Brenda Gillatt the equivalent of £265.

The Shiregreen mum worked as a Littlewoods agent for 25 years, paid a 10 per cent commission as reward points on each sale.

But her activities tailed off and her last order was a microwave for her mother-in-law in November.

Her earnings were in a Littlewoods account but when she checked in July her balance was zero. After two months of trying to get her rewards she contacted Action Desk.

Brenda, of Sycamore House Road, Shiregreen, said: “I’ve earned those rewards they can’t just take it off me with no warning.

“They text me every time I send a payment to say it’s received. Why couldn’t they warn about this? How many other people have lost out this way?”

A LITTLEWOODS spokeswoman said they were refunding £265.33 in rewards as a goodwill gesture.

“In June 2009, we made a number of changes to our rewards structure. Any rewards earned now lapse if the customer does not shop with us for a full catalogue season. Customers were informed of this in 2009 and dedicated rewards pages went live on our websites and in the backs of our catalogues to explain the changes.

“Ms Gillatt’s rewards lapsed as she did not shop with us for more than a season. We accept that she may not have seen our communications about the changing rewards structure so, as a gesture of goodwill, we have credited her account with the lost rewards of £265.33. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to Ms Gillatt.”