ACTION DESK: Hitch left mum penniless

Emma Hadjari and her son Daniel...banks software problem story
Emma Hadjari and her son Daniel...banks software problem story
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IT’S week two of the RBS meltdown and mum-of-three Emma Hajdari had received plenty of promises and misinformation, but no money - until Action Desk got involved.

The single mum, whose middle child Daniel, aged six, is receiving daily treatment for leukaemia, has had to drop everything to fight for money frozen by the banking giant’s computer crisis.

Several payments they need to live on have so far failed to arrive. After spending a fortune on mobile calls to helplines, the best she’s been offered is £14.50 emergency money.

Emma is with Think Banking which operates its accounts through RBS.

A software failure resulted in millions of payments being frozen.

Emma, aged 29, of Southey Hall Drive, Southey Green, said: “It’s a diabolical error which has turned out lives upside down. Bills are falling due and I have no money to pay them.

“On Saturday they said it would be fixed on Monday. Monday they said Tuesday. On Tuesday they said they could give no timescales. They just keep saying they are extremely sorry.”

Emma was alerted to the problem on Saturday when her £200 weekly tax credit failed to arrive. On Monday her weekly carer’s payment of £58 was missing. On Tuesday her monthly £188 child benefit did not show.

Now she is worried future payments, including her £526 monthly disability living allowance payment, due on Tuesday, will not arrive, leaving her penniless.

Emma, who gave up a job to care for Daniel, said: “It’s not my fault I’m on benefits, or my son’s. We just live day to day hoping he will beat this terrible condition. We don’t need all these money worries.”

EMMA received £200 a few hours after The Star called RBS.

An RBS spokesman said: “We are working closely with the Think Banking team to ensure they are able to help any customers still facing difficulty as a result of our technical error.

“These customers need to contact Think Banking in the first instance to authorise cash withdrawals via our branches in the normal way. We can assure these customers that we are focused on getting them the help they need.”