Action Desk: Getting to bottom of Sheffield leak

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Flat roofs may be cheap to build, but they can be expensive for those living beneath them.

Damian Llewellyn has suffered leaks into his Gleadless maisonette for six years at a rate of about twice a year.

Usually he and partner Matthew Rogers have to redecorate to hide the water stains but on one occasion the plaster came down in their lounge.

To make matters worse, they claim the company responsible for fixing the roof can be slow off the mark.

Matthew says he reported the latest leak in October, but when they enquired in January they claim Kier - the company that maintains council houses - said it had no record.

He said: Two years ago water came right down through our toilet, down into the living room below and then into the flat below us. But all we get is bodge up jobs and its back to square one.”


Kier put scaffolding up the day after Action Desk called and now says it has fixed the roof.

A spokeswoman added: “The tenant has reported several leaks since 2008 with over a year between each report.

“If the same repair is reported within six months then it will automatically flag up on the system so the call centre operator can see, however if it’s longer than six months then it won’t flag up unless the operator physically looks at the full history.

“The call centre receives 6,000 calls a week and 175,000 repairs are carried out per year.”