Action Desk: Dream on if you think bed problems are over

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“I HAVE been made aware of the awful experience that you recently had with us and offer my sincere apologies.

“I really am embarrassed by the catalogue of failures that you reported in your email to the Sheffield Star and can understand fully why you cancelled your order.”

So begins an email to Amanda Henwood from the head of customer services at bed company Dreams.

She ordered a bed, got rid of her old one, her husband waited in two days – and it never arrived.

The couple, of Town Moor Avenue, Doncaster, were sleeping on an airbed over Christmas and New Year – although it popped on New Year’s Eve leaving them on floorboards, she says.

That’s the story in a nutshell...the detail includes multiple phone calls, visits to the store at Drakehouse, cancellation but no refund, the finance company chasing her for money she didn’t owe – and eventually an email to Action Desk.

Amanda said: “At one point I was looking for hidden cameras because I thought it was a joke!”

In an email, Jonathan Street, head of customer services, says a partnership with a new delivery company last year has had a ‘dreadful’ impact on some customers.

He adds: “If that wasn’t bad enough, I am very frustrated we failed to respond to your request to cancel in a timely manner.

“We let you down dreadfully.”

But it doesn’t end there. Adam Day of Hillsborough waited four weeks and took two days off work for a Dreams bed that never showed up. And he was left waiting for a refund after cancelling.

And Laura Robinson of North Anston waited eight weeks for a bed and stayed in twice for a no show. She eventually managed to cancel but was still waiting for the money when she contacted The Star.


AMANDA has received £400 compensation, Adam has received £150 and everyone has received refunds and profuse apologies.