ACTION DESK: Deliveries whatever the weather

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ROYAL Mail has restored services to much of South Parade in Doncaster after suspending deliveries in wet weather when a postie slipped over in the rain.

The organisation had claimed there was an ‘unacceptable’ danger from moss and algae.

But it backed down after a storm of protest from people at 29 affected businesses who insisted the pavement was flat, clean and safe, whatever the weather.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said there were still safety concerns over the state of steps serving a few properties and they were working with the council before resuming deliveries.

But a Doncaster Council spokeswoman said they were taking no action after a highways inspection found there was no problem.

Accountant Amanda Henwood, of South Parade, said: “Royal Mail sent two managers out in the rain on Friday and they were also claiming there was a problem with tree sap. I gave them a rocket. We’ve been coming to work every day for years and it’s never bothered us.”