ACTION DESK: Currys leaves Denis fuming

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AFTER seven engineer visits in seven months, Currys caved in and agreed to give Denise Mills a new tumble dryer – but the damage had been done.

A water leak had ruined the laminate flooring the machine had been standing on at her home in Hillsborough.

“No problem,” said a helpful Currys call centre worker – “just ring our damages department and we’ll cover your costs.”

So she did, several times, and she emailed pictures, but not once did she get an email back.

She rang Action Desk and said: “They actually encouraged me to claim – and then ignored me. I’m fuming.”

CURRYS has apologised blaming an oversight and put their claims manager on the job – and the cost of repairs will be covered.

He added: “Our priority is to maintain contact and settle the claim.”