ACTION DESK: CSA drop legal threat

Joanne Copley-Dunn and John Gomez
Joanne Copley-Dunn and John Gomez
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A GRIEVING couple who lost two children in four months have been told they don’t have to pay more than £3,000 to the Child Support Agency after intervention from Action Desk.

John Gomez and Joanne Copley-Dunn were mourning the loss of son Jenson, who died aged one, and daughter Remae, who died after just nine days, when the agency made the surprise demand.

The CSA said John owed £3,474 in arrears in connection with his son Ruben, aged five, who lives with John’s ex-wife. But it failed to explain why – despite repeated requests from the stunned pair.

When the CSA threatened to take them to court they turned to Action Desk.

Now a letter has been sent to their home on Hollybank Crescent, Intake. It states, ‘We have carefully considered your household’s circumstances and have decided not to take any legal action to collect the arrears at this time.”

Joanne said she would lodge an appeal to have the demand dropped completely.

She said: “I’m grateful to The Star, it’s a relief. But I don’t understand what they are doing, to be honest. If the CSA truly believes we owe them the money they should take us to court. I would welcome the opportunity to hear their explanation before a judge. All the way through we’ve had nothing.”

A Spokesperson for the Child Support Agency said: “We have explained the reasons behind our actions to Mr Gomez at some length. We have also taken full account of his personal circumstances, for which he has our deepest sympathies.”