ACTION DESK: Bank’s tips on beating phishers

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News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
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IF it says Barclays in the email address, calls you ‘Dear Barclays Bank Customer’ and urges you to log on to a Barclays website it must be from Barclays, right?


A spokesman for the bank said: “Barclays will always greet customers by name on all correspondence including emails and we NEVER include a link to our online banking site in an email.”

The response came after Action Desk forwarded a dodgy-looking email which failed on both points. Phishing emails are still rife and it just takes a moment’s inattention to fall for them.

Follow Barclays’ advice:

Customers should under no circumstances reply to a phishing email.

Neither should they visit a phishing website as a keystroke logger may be inadvertently downloaded into their home PC.

They can forward any suspicious emails to .

A customer who believes they have revealed their details as a result of such an email or that they have been the subject of online fraud should contact Barclays online helpdesk (0845 600 2323) immediately.

Further information can be found on our website