Act on air pollution to help children near M1

M1 motorwayM1 motorway
M1 motorway
The Green Party supports a mandatory 60mph speed limit to help M1 traffic run more smoothly through the Sheffield area at lower speeds to reduce air pollution, (The Star, January 24).

It’s proposed between junctions 32 and 35A between 7am and 7pm and the impact on journey times will be minimal.

We supported this in 2014 when our Labour Council were against it in their formal submission to that consultation.

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There is overwhelming evidence from the World Health Organisation that links air pollution to heart attacks, strokes and asthma and to underdeveloped lungs in children.

The Darnall council ward population, which includes Tinsley, suffers from high levels of asthma, respiratory and circulatory disorders and cancer.

It also has high levels of poverty and the highest A&E attendance rate for young people under 20.

The Government must act for the children who live close to the M1 and for everyone in the city.

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The council must also act – their Air Quality Action Plan objectives for 2015 have not been met.

Air pollution continues to exceed legal limits in many areas, contributing to an estimated 500 premature deaths in Sheffield every year.

Sheffield needs urgent action – sign the petition at

Roy Morris

Sheffield Green Party